Light chaser, coffee drinker, dim-sum eater, cat whisperer, and world traveler...

My name is Ditto Dianto. I am a fine art wedding and lifestyle photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area. I have cultivated a deep affection for the soft, romantic look that I am able to produce with my camera. Over the years, I have come to balance my works by keeping their honesty to color and lights as well as their ability to capture a natural, organic feel.

My work has best been described as bright, soft and airy, which lends itself well to the tender atmosphere of my primary focus: engagements and weddings.

One of my favorite parts about working on weddings is that I have an opportunity to capture the precious moments and emotions of my clients and their families in a way that lasts a lifetime. I like taking the time to appreciate each couple on a personal level and using my photography to portray the essence of the bond that ties them together. It is so inspirational to witness two individuals as they embark on their journey toward lifelong happiness.

The wedding takes a day. The planning takes months, sometimes years. But the photographs will last a lifetime. So it’s only fitting that they should be as treasured and timeless as the love they aim to portray.

Give me a call, email, or let's meet up as we plan for your fabulous wedding!